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Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will give us opportunity to serve you through Curbside.  You can order your food frozen, cold or heated (perfect for dinner).

We also have a refrigerator at Surrey Center Pharmacy on Berkman Road where you can find chicken salad, pimento cheese, small servings of our casseroles, desserts and more.

Our cafe is not open for dine in.

I have been here several times with friends. The food is always delicious. Service is great! - Gloria Patrick,  Augusta, GA

Wonderful friendly atmosphere, great food. A real blessing - Connie Deeks, Michigan

I am so excited about your home-cooking and great service and excellent food. Thank you! - Jean Knight, N. Augusta, SC

Best food in town! - Donnie Royal & Amber Lovett

Great dining experience – food, cleanliness, servers, etc. - Cheryl & Jimmy Melton, Augusta, GA

The food is wonderful and the décor is peaceful to our souls (no loud music, but wonderful words on walls). - Leslie & Judy Padgett
(Padgett’s Retreat), Waynesboro, GA

The food is great – we’ll be back. Staff was (is) great also. - John & Linda, Thomson, GA

The food and ambience is heavenly and done with a spirit of excellence. - Diane Brady, North Augusta, SC

A perfect blend of great food and a tranquil atmosphere. - John Gamble, North Augusta, SC

Food was excellent, service with a smile. Clean dinner area, affordable price - Louise

Without equivocation this restaurant is the best in Augusta in terms of: quality, quantity, price, service and a wonderful pleasant atmosphere. - Art Hogarth

Thanks so much for wonderful hospitality and delicious food. We loved our visit here! God bless all of you.  - Haggerty Beck, Rhode Island

It was good, very relaxed environment. - Kyle Ramos

Delicious food, clean atmosphere, and the kindest people in Augusta. - Paige, Augusta, GA

First time for us, everything was delicious, restaurant was real clean. Everybody was real friendly and nice. - Debbie & Carl Morris,  Appling, GA

I will be back! - Christie Reef

You are my new favorite Friday meeting place with my girls. Thank you for providing us with great healthy options, good service and wonderful fellowship. - Kristi Thacker

Food and service is fabulous. Couldn’t eat or want a better meal. Thank you for the great hospitality. - Sarah Outley

Love the greeting at the front door! Everyone friendly! Food Great! - Adam & Kelsie Cato

Once again, I enjoyed my visit. The peace in this place is simply awesome. Will heaven be like this? God bless everyone involved in the project/ministry. - Patricia Martin

This was our first real Southern home-cooked meal we had in our entire life! Good food!! Thanks “veel groetjes” - Yoris & Aache van der Speh, Holland

Third time eating here, but every time is like the first. Food is delicious every time. Wait staff is very personable and kind. It is such a blessing to eat in a Godly atmosphere. P.S. The sweet potato casserole is the bomb - Arleen Hughes

My first visit here. The food was delicious. The fried green tomatoes were right on. The service was excellent. Hope to return soon. God’s blessings. -  Harriette Griffin

This was our first time here, and we really enjoyed the courteous hostess, the servers and waitresses. We didn’t have to stand in line a long time. The food was excellent. Thank you - Mr & Mrs Moses Garrett

This food was absolutely amazing. So many “down home” restaurants fall short of the quality here. Ya’ll are actually one of the few places that seasons the food… 100% LOVE THE BAKED CHICKEN!! KEEP IT UP! And trust I’ll spread the word. Be blessed! - Denteson O. Ray

We accept all major credit cards